Husky Men Do It Better

Husky Men Do It Better
Series: Books by Theme: Big Boy Romance
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Tag: Out Now
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About the Book

Love comes in all shapes, especially big and cuddly.

Meet three unlikely romance heroes, each with his own hang-ups about love, and the sassy strong-willed women who adore them exactly for who they are. Whether it’s love at first sight, or seemingly unrequited feelings between friends; you’ll be rooting for each one of these couples as they fall hard and fast and fight for their happily ever after…

Let all three interconnected of these love stories take you on a roller coaster ride of ‘will they or won’t they’. Just know that these guys may seem cinnamon roll sweet at first glance, but won’t hold back once the bedroom door closes…

This bundle of L. Moone’s Husky Men Do It Better series contains: Recipe for Passion, Best Friends Forever and Sealed with a Kiss.

Recipe for Passion
As a chef working behind the scenes of a hit TV show, Ethan knows he’ll never be a star — but when he falls for smart, beautiful journalist Sarah, he wonders if he could be her hero.

Best Friends Forever
Jill is the perfect woman and Damien knows it. Too bad she only sees him has her chubby best friend… When they’re sent away to conduct an audition and end up in one hotel room together, they’re forced to figure out: just friends, or a whole lot more?

Sealed with a Kiss
Daniel’s attempts at finding love on the set of dating show Sealed with a Kiss haven’t been successful, until the producer calls in Kate to pose as his date. The best thing about it: there’s no need to act, because she’s already interested…

About the Author
L. Moone

L. Moone is a Contemporary Romance and Women's Fiction writer based in rainy England. Addicted to caffeine, chocolate and impure thoughts, she likes to write short stories and novellas dealing with those aspects of the human condition that we all think about, yet dare not discuss openly. She also writes Paranormal Romance as Lorelei Moone.

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