Kinks & Fantasies 2 – Food

It is a well known fact that some foods are considered to work as aphrodisiacs; Oysters or chocolate for example. I’ve never tried oysters so I cannot comment on them but like most women I am a firm believer that chocolate can at least cause happiness, if not arousal. Really though, there is more to food than just the way certain items are meant to affect us physically. I’ve not chosen my pen name without reason, I am a hedonist indeed. I seek pleasure and food can be oh so good at delivering just that.

Have you ever eaten something so lush and tasty, that it left you speechless? That you sat still, eyes glazed over, with the spoon still in your hand in mid air, savouring the moment? Whether jokingly or otherwise, certain foods can actually be “better than sex” or at least as good as. But how good would it be to combine the two?

I’m not sure our brains really differentiate between different types of pleasure. And when arousal heightens our senses, what would be better than to stimulate our taste buds as well.

Sometimes I fantasise about becoming a living buffet. Laying out delicious foods over my naked body in a flattering and tempting manner. Rather than wear pretty underwear to keep some of the mystery alive, I could use lusciously rich icing, piped over myself in an intricate pattern, covering my nipples instead as a tastier alternative to pasties. I’d lie back, waiting to be discovered, hoping he’s hungry for the Belgian chocolates I’ve stuck against me with more icing just circling around my belly button. Wishing he will enjoy the process of discovering my exposed body underneath the tasty treats. And hopefully receiving the benefits of his increased pleasure after reaching a chocolate and sugar high from licking me clean of icing.

Who’s hungry?

Kinks & Fantasies 1 – Virgins

Over the years I have become aware of certain interests I have which may be unusual. Of course he internet is a great resource for seeking out like minded individuals (or discovering new things you couldn’t have dreamt up yourself)! But the fact remains that some of the things I think or dream about are not very well publicised at all. I would like to change this.This post is the first in a series where I touch upon my deepest darkest fantasies…

It seems to be fairly common place for men to prefer a virgin as a partner. I’m assuming the main draw is that the girl would be considered innocent and pure. Even if one takes out the obvious religious aspect of this preference, it seems to be quite a common fantasy still.

But the same cannot be said for women who fantasize about having sex with a male virgin. In fact I have found comparatively little mention of this online, with most women having opposing preferences (a more experienced partner who could provide more satisfaction in the sack).

That however doesn’t change that I have a great fascination with this topic and would very much love to be a man’s first sexual partner. Unfortunately even my first time wasn’t with another virgin so I haven’t had the pleasure. – In fact I am so fascinated by it that this topic will feature heavily in the book I’m currently writing.

The appeal for me is probably mostly that I could take the dominant role in the bedroom whereas in the past I’ve always been the least experienced and shy as a result. I would be the knowledgeable mentor or teacher. I could make someone feel different (hopefully better) than he has ever felt before. Also, I have a real soft spot for men with a shy side to them.

Or as some people might think, I might be just a devious bitch who wants to corrupt the innocence of as many men as possible. But I’d never say that about myself, obviously.

I would love to connect with other women who feel this way too. If you can relate, why not leave a comment?