Friday Filth 1

Yes, yes I know. I’m way too inconsistent. Some time back I had planned to do a “Filthy Excerpt Thursday” feature and only managed to post one excerpt. Now fucked it up by posting a filthy excerpt on a Friday… Anyway, enjoy! A little teaser from Just for One Night.

I force myself to look again, not wanting to miss even a moment. Every movement of his, its sole purpose is seemingly to teach me that the tables are now turned. I had him where I wanted him when I was on top, but now it’s his turn.


Helpless, legs wrapped around his thick waist. We must look like quite a pair, hair flying wildly around us, tickling my nose. I drag his face down towards me and feel my chin getting raw from the scratching of his beard. Still I demand more kisses.


And he’s so good, so strong. I try to tell him, but it’s all just a mess of strained fragmented sounds. The intense look in his eyes tells me that he knows.


He fucks me harder and I feel my body reach new heights. Every muscle has a mind of its own, I spasm and contract and scream. But he keeps going and I’ve lost it.

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  1. I worry that I have to think about what number plus four equals six! Anyway, I digress…Great work Heddy, keep it up, and thanks for your continued support too 🙂 Happy Friday.

    PS – It’s your website, you can post when the hell you like… 🙂

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