Filthy Excerpt Thursday

Almost straight away he grunts loudly and begins to shake all over. His hand is squeezing his cock so hard his knuckles show white. I wrap my fingers around his, spurring him on to keep pumping through his orgasm. As soon as he does, his hot seed ends up all over my cleavage and I fall back on the bed, furiously rubbing my clit for him.

He’s still watching, still high, while I push myself over the edge. My best bet at muffling my cries is to bite my lip so hard I may just draw blood this time.
When I open my eyes he’s still kneeling in the same place, still holding on to himself even if a lot more relaxed.

“That’s the most beautiful thing…” His stares are enough to bring his point across.

I stretch out a little bit and grin up at him. A few moments later, he starts to regain his composure just a little.

“How did you know I’d like to watch?” he asks.

I shrug. “You’re a man. I figured it was a safe enough bet.”

“And I just wanted to plant a strong image in your head which you won’t be able to ignore every time you enter or think of this room.” I chuckle.

He grins back at me while getting off the bed and straightening his legs.

“Congratulations, you’ve succeeded!” he says while handing me the tissues.

I won’t reveal just yet which story this has been taken from. It’s as yet unpublished and unfinished.

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