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About At First Sight

"Here you go, sir... Sir?"

I look up to find an air hostess trying to hand me a piece of paper. Some kind of immigration form one needs to fill out before entering the country. Thanking her, I take it and the small disposable ballpoint pen with the airline logo on it. She pauses a moment, checking out the picture on my phone which had me completely mesmerised only seconds earlier.

"Your wife?" the air hostess asks.

"Girlfriend." I look at the screen again, enjoying the little surge of excitement I feel inside whenever I see her photograph.

"She's so pretty."

"A few hours from now, she will be the most beautiful woman I've ever seen."

Putting the phone away, I focus my attention on the UK Border Agency Landing Card in front of me. Shit is about to get real.

Could you love someone you've never met? At First Sight explores - in multiple points of view - the test that any serious online relationship must go through: the meeting. For Alice and Scott, this moment of truth is to take place at the airport. It seems so simple, he'll fly in on Christmas Day, she'll pick him up, they live happily ever after. Is that all there is to it? 
If you love the TV Show Catfish, you'll enjoy this story.